Portuguese developer of solar photovoltaic
parks whose mission is to generate
electricity from renewable sources


Frequent Summer is a portuguese developer of solar photovoltaic parks whose mission is to generate electricity from renewable sources.

It has a team of highly qualified professionals with specific training and proven track record  in all areas of solar photovoltaic energy development.

Top notch engineering unit using the latest softwares with the ability to plan, design and develop photovoltaic, wind or green hydrogen systems integrating the most reliable components and guaranteed estimated performance and profitability.

Frequent Summer is owned by Asunim Group and Cardinal Flexível, who both bring long-term development and engineering experience to the table and are an international reference in the PV solar energy sector with a unique know-how and prestige.

With proven experience in managing the various stakeholders of public entities to ensure the issuing of the necessary licenses, the company ensures the processing from the pre-project phase to the final phase of connection to the network and obtaining the DGEG exploration certificate.




Group Director and founder of Asunim
Board member Frequent Summer Lda.
and managing partner of Cardinal Flexible

Has extensive experience in the photovoltaic solar market, analysis and implementation. Experienced director with a proven track record in the renewable energy and environment industry. Expert in negotiation, Intercultural Communication, Energy, Sustainability and Renewable Energy. Solid business development professional with an excellent track record of project completion


Present on the board of directors of several companies in the energy, services, inspection and technology sector. He worked at the leading Portuguese distribution company, SONAE DISTRIBUIÇÃO, as well as at the global leader in energy and oil, ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, he has strong skills in international management best practices. He has worked extensively in all European, Middle East and Africa markets, former CEO of Self Energy, Executive Member of Vista Alegre, Dir. Retail at SHELL Portuguesa and Commercial Manager at Sonae Distribuição.



Managing partner and co-founder of DC-PV​
Advisor and Managing Partner at Cardinal Flexible​

Decentralized Photovoltaics Lda. started his career in the HR area and worked with the independent consultant. Guest professor for 8 years at the University of Algarve. Since 2006, he has worked for the ASUNIM Group (photovoltaic solar energy) in the international distribution and project management of photovoltaic solar components for grid sales, self-consumption and autonomous systems. Experience in sales, purchases and development of photovoltaic systems projects.

Pedro has over 29 years of experience in business management, with a specific focus on FMCG and B2B. In the last 10 years Pedro was CEO of Gallo Worldwide JV., representing Unilever, present in 47 countries. He worked in the Audit and Banking area and had a long international career at Unilever, with an emphasis on Portugal, the United Kingdom, Brazil, China and Greece. Currently Pedro is a founding partner of Windward, Founding Partner of SatisCapital, Director of Watgrid S.A, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beauty Matters S.A. and Director of its Subsidiaries, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moma Tiles S.A., among others.